cartoony drawing of a pigeon

hi i'm art (or elis). i'm 30, i live in aotearoa, im white, im gay and trans. he/him pronouns only please. for names, irl i prefer elis and online i prefer art, but feel free to use either or alternate between them. yeah i stole my internet name from hamatora don't worry about it

some media i like: bleach, hamatora, golden kamuy, kny, bsd, jjk, vinland saga, soulsborne, hatoful boyfriend, kancolle, touken ranbu, animal crossing, yokai watch, fire emblem, granblue fantasy. im also into wrestling mainly AEW

i'd advise against following me if your politics are radfem-aligned and/or aren't inclusive of trans people or sex workers, or if you are a super intense fandom-discourse "proship" type. you'll probably get blocked

i don't create/post anything cool or interesting on my social media sorry im literally just a guy. i guess my main non-media related hobby is Very amateur html/css "webdev" like what you see on here

i run my own mastodon instance, there is still room for one or two more people to join, check it out here. please only request to join if we've talked at least once or twice though.

fedi (mastodon) / tumblr / anilist / ask for discord

tentative blog page
my useful links directory
favourite character list (wip)
wtf is 'snart?'

icon is a commission from heyheymomo

this user is a pigeon rotating jolt cola can gif